Second Vice President

Maria Alfonso

Second Vice President

Maria Alfonso serves as the director of Career Services at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. Before coming to Vaughn, she worked for five years in academic advising, employer relations, internship programs, career services, and international accreditation at a renowned university in Bogotá, Colombia. Maria is native from Colombia and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Universidad Santo Tomas. She received a Master of Business Administration degree in international business from Montclair State University. Maria manages the operations for all career services programs and events and regulates all employment-related functions for the department. She coordinates employer relations processes and directs procedures for job placement outcomes.

Maria values how her part in coaching students and alumni has changed the trajectory of thousands of career paths and how she can empower them to make informed and well-thought-out career decisions that change their lives. She believes that the path to career success begins with effective and personalized programs that provide the support and skills necessary to contribute to the growth and development of students and alumni.

She is very proud of her very successful track record of developing partnerships with employers in numerous industries and working with those employers to provide career workshops and programs, attend career fairs, offer site visits and job shadowing opportunities, engage in mentoring programs, and provide students with internship and post-graduation career opportunities.

Maria received the 2021 Woman of Achievement Award from the New York Airport Voice.

You can connect to Maria on LinkedIn.